Wildflower Sites

View our wildflower sites in both Liverpool and Manchester and view our latest wildflower news below.

Our Wildflower Sites

Below you can view the locations of our wildflower sites. Feel free to visit the area and watch how the flowers grow throughout the season.


Liverpool’s wildflower sowings are concentrated and signposted in magnificent Everton Park, for many years one of Liverpool’s best kept secrets, and on the approaches to Everton Park, which has the most wonderful views of the city. It shows the great way nature can be given a helping hand and celebrated in a vibrant city scape.

Everton Park is championed by Friends of Everton, and was highlighted by Nesta in its innovative park programme. Everton Park is full of surprises, not least for being one of the City’s best viewpoints for an outstanding vista of the City and the distant views of Wales, and the Irish Sea.

It is also remarkably close to the City Centre. Sowings on the dramatic space in Islington, by Hope in Everton, announce the beginning of a long run of sowing which hopefully will lead new visitors into the Park especially to enjoy the flowering displays from June through to August.


Manchester’s Wildflower Sowings prominently feature in a variety of locations that bring a new kind of colourful green infrastructure to the heart of the City.

Wildflowers run from the central Princess Parkway corridor right into the heart of Manchester. Over 100,000 people have so far seen the wildflowers in the first flowering season of 2015.

Wildflowers are also showcased in both Hulme and Alexandra Parks and new spots in Quinney Crescent in Moss Side. School sowings have been made in four local schools. Two more wildflowers sowings have been created, at the end of Princess Parkway by the Redbrick Estate, and most recently close to First and Chester Street.

"If we can inspire families and young people to do things differently in their gardens and their parks, that will bode well for how cities evolve."

Dave Barlow - Manchester City Council