Save the National Wildflower Centre



We must protect this vital community resource from closing and for the international significance of the research of transforming urban green spaces with locally-produced wildflowers the centre provides to continue.

The Centre has won regional and national awards for its community projects and for its visitor centre and display gardens.

The  centre hosts many annual events, which require and facilitate the participation of local community groups and schools. Such as the scarecrow festival, The Green Fayre, BBQ nights, Apple Day celebrations, Winter Celebrations, to mention a few, these events are full of activities for all ages, which bring in thousands of people from the local community, Liverpool,  the northwest, nationally and internationally.The Centre really is at the heart of the community.

The Centre is situated in Court Hey Park on the outskirts of Liverpool. The Centre provides seeds and information on the uk national wildflowers; the centre also provides eco therapy to a range of groups and has display gardens which are open to the public, these gardens not only show case the national wildflower collection, but provide a location for learning about biodiversity, health and wellbeing.

The centre has a strong focus on community engagement and offers educational and engaging opportunities for all ages of the local community; by offering practical workshops on vegetable growing, insect & plant identification, foraging, forest school and bushcraft.

Get Growing is a recent project which set up growing groups in local communities in the borough, these groups learnt how to grow an array of fruit and vegetables in there own communities creating community allotments and gardens. Food was also grown in the display gardens at the centre, which encouraged visitors to grown their own fruit & veg some of which were used in the onsite cafe or sold to the public, projects like these are valuable for engaging the community in health and wellbeing. Other health and wellbeing weekly activities include Tai Chi and Nordic Walking, Eco Therapy to name but a few.

Senior staff at the centre lecture nationaly and internationaly and the importance of they’re work and knowledge is respected throughout the world.

Please sign to save this invaluable resource so we can protect the centre from closure, this is the only one of two centres in the world dedicated to the promotion, research and growing of wildflowers, the centre is engaged in so many activities in the community and provides and supports many group activities for vulnerable people and the local community.

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