Knowsley Flower Show cyanotype workshop


Sally Gilford and Joe Ford from One69a, in Manchester came to Merseyside for the Knowsley Flower Show to celebrate the remarkable creative connections made through the Tale of Two Cities project and the beautiful creative output that is literally pouring out of the project in words, music and imagery.

Sally and Joe worked with a classic form of fabric work, called Cyanotype, which mirrors early photography and light sensitive solutions on fabric rather than on paper.

Everyone was invited to use flowers and leaves collected at the National Wildflower Centre, and place them over the treated light sensitive fabric and placed in the sun for about twenty minutes before washing and hanging to dry to reveal a beautiful photographic outline which looks a bit like tie-dye from a distance, but is much more scientific process. Everyone who took part really enjoyed the creative process and of course found out more about the project.

People made their own individual squares, but we also made a giant collective fabric piece for future exhibitions for the Tale of Two Cities project.


National Wildflower Centre