Flowerful Fusion concert and wildflower picnic


The Flowerful fusion concert on the 27th July was certainly one of the great Tale of Two Cities’ events, and a true celebration of the kinds of connections the tale has been weaving in both Liverpool and Manchester.

Two great youth orchestras -The Pagoda Arts Chinese Youth orchestra and West Everton Junior Philharmonic orchestra collaborated together in such an imaginative way.   Many of the children in both groups were involved in the original wildflower seed sowings which made the concert particularly satisfying.

It was a great uplifting fusion of Chinese and Western music on “Flowerful” themes, with real community heart linking involvement and positive change.
We have made connections that quite literally stretch around the world linking to a new and exciting creative conservation movement in China, where they are using Chinese wildflower species in a similar way.

At the concert there were songs from Mikey Kenney too, a great Liverpool singer song writer, who sang with great heart about the sunflowers proudly worn in his hair, which really reflected the spirit and heart of our project!

Mikey Kenney YouTube channel