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"If we can inspire families and young people to do things differently in their gardens and their parks that will bode well for how cities evolve."

Manchester City Council

High profile larges scale sowings in Liverpool and Manchester, bringing wildflowers to the heart of both cities.

A new round of school and community sowings for 2016.

Imaginative ways to make wildflowers work! Creative and technical solutions to bring wildflowers to the people.

Activities, workshops and celebrations to make and mark the Tale of Two Cities.

Nature is a language, lets prove it!

It was orginally Morrissey who sang "Nature is a language, can’t you read"

We would love to hear your personal take on nature, in a word or couplet, or phrase, which may be old and forgotten, dialect or invented.

Whether it be scouse, manc, brummie, cantonese, Mexican, or Zimbaweean, spark our imaginations with your inspirational or words or natural language, from observation, memory or experience,and tell us what it means…

Inspired by Robert MacFarlane, Lemn Sissay, and Morrissey.

It may be a word or phrase that leads to a smile, understanding, reflection or personal ureka moments, or just is an under-used or forgotten word, that speaks volumes in context and imagery.

Please register your thoughts on our Lexicon….

For example urbane ecology – as a recognition of the smart ways we can recogise and bring the culture of nature into the city. Or a Pingle to describe a tiny woodland.




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"I've been using the Mancunian Way underpasses for years and I've never felt particularly secure when doing so. With the wildflower planting, that feeling has changed.

"It just seems so much nicer walking under the Mancunian Way with all that colour and it feels more secure, more cared for and more like a usable pleasand public space."

Robert, Hulme